June 24th 2022

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The Basque Country and the territory of Bizkaia welcome you to The Culinary Nation.

Here starts a journey that will bring us closer to a unique culture and a people with deep-rooted values and customs. A place where gastronomy is passion.

The Basque institutions work to lead the next gastronomic revolution, inspired by the work of Basque chefs and producers, capable of achieving excellence through respect for their origins. And we aspire to become a reference in innovation and foodtech; developing new spaces for entrepreneurship, the development of knowledge and the talent of great professionals who will design the near future.

The Basque Country is one of the largest industrial areas in Spain and its quality levels place it at the forefront of Europe in terms of the number of natural spaces. With a high level of self-government, the Basque Country focuses its efforts on Smart Specialisation, specifically on Advanced Manufacturing 4.0, Energy, Health Biosciences and FoodTech.

The food value chain is strategic, it represents 10.6% of the Basque Country's GDP and the Basque Government’s food policy is based on the European “Farm to Fork” strategy to develop a unique, safe, sustainable and healthy food ecosystem.

We invite you to savour The Basque Country and Bizkaia. We invite you to explore a culture that can be enjoyed on its streets, with friends. Come and lose yourself in authentic places, where tradition is cooked slowly , among embers in fishing ports, among vineyards and wineries. Come and discover the markets and products that make Basque gastronomy unique, visit its famous restaurants and its avant-garde chefs. And immerse yourself in the local atmosphere to sample the culinary art that we call pintxo in the Basque Country, a miniature mouthful of gastronomy that will surprise you with its variety and quality. We welcome you to The Culinary Nation!

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